Half Acre is Hip – not Flawed Anymore? – REVIEW

November 16, 2009 at 3:10 pm

I went to Half Acre Brewery’s retail outlet (4257 N. Lincoln Ave.) recently. You know it’s hip by the neighborhood it’s in; I knew it was even hipper because I unexpectedly ran into Andrew Huff, the grand poo-bah behind the highly recommended gapersblock.com, and we were able to sample beers there together.

 The Great: free samples of their many beers, along with an unusual soft drink, on tap, on request, free

 The Good: a nice supply of beer-related stuff at the retail store – not only Half Acre Beers, but other “guest” beers, and some spirits, including Koval, along with non-liquid beerianna.

 The Ugly: growlers. I understand they want to be distinctive. They certainly are. But their growlers (1/2 gallon containers of beer fresh from the tap) don’t go into the typical half-gallon jugs. Instead, they use half-gallon Ball canning jars. A jug, with its relatively small opening, is easy to pour into your beer glass when you get home. A wide-mouth Ball jar is also easy to pour, but only if you want your beer all over the counter and floor.

 C’mon, Gabriel [Half Acre Manager] – get real growler jugs for my next order of your excellent Daisy Cutter (compare it to Three Floyds’ signature beer, Alpha King).

 I’ll reserve real opinions on their beers’ flavors for a future article.



  1. Gabriel says:

    The Reality: The Ball Jars aren’t an attempt to step out and flex our distinctive flair, they are purely an attempt to bridge a gap while our actual growlers slowly make their way to the brewery, which they have. However, this isn’t all that unique. Mason Jars are commonly used by many brewers in the west. Are they harder to pour, yes, but can this happen without covering your home in beer, also yes. Either way, fret not Tom, the growlers are here and all “The Ugly” can fade way into distant past.

    • Tom Keith says:

      Glad to hear it … and now anyone reading this will know it, too. Many people collect growlers (not Ball Jars), so you’re making that market segment happy. I can’t think of anything I’d rather have in my refrigerator more than a growler of Daisy Cutter.

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