Pining for Public Markets on Linky Wednesday

October 21, 2009 at 9:17 am

Rob Gardner

Oh, we’ll have our usual highlighting of locavores around the nation and some other bits and pieces of note, but today’s edition of Linky Wednesday focuses on a topic vital to me, other writers for the Local Beet, and the local food community generally: Public Markets.

We pine for a public market type thing-ee in Chicago.  We wonder why Cleveland of all places should have it but good, but truth be told, we should not look so much at Milwaukee for inspiration.  We hope.

Art at Pleasant House hopes and explains and digs up background and foreground and certainly fleshes things out.  An excellent primer for the market piners.

And for all that pining, are our prayers about to be answered.  Last week, I got the press release announcing the latest round of vendors for the Metra Market.  I’d say that I’m pining for opening day.  This line-up‘s got me thinking thankful thoughts instead of wishful prayers.  In full disclosure, I know the market’s PR person, but I have to say that press release really has me pining.  Look at some of the offerings: City Fresh Market focusing on fresh poultry and grass fed beef; a place called Fumare promising Montreal style smoked meat; the French Nuns of Fraternite Notre Dame, who the French operators of the Metra Market recognized as something close to their hometown breads, and a shop centered wholly on Wisconsin cheeses.  There are, so far, Korean, Vietamese, Mexican, French and Dutch/Belgium food offerings.  If you read the good press release language, they seem far from ordinary offerings.  Let’s all meet there on opening day!

Perhaps beating them to the punch will be the Logan Square Farmer’s Market, which is setting up an indoor market this winter.  They promise news soon on their Facebook page

How ’bout a market just dedicated to local beer.  Half Acre Brewery has opened up a market for their local beer.  Chuck checks in.

Are your apples looking redder this year?

Here’s some people eating local in a place colder than Chicago.  Inspiring.

Here’s someone who found a warm place does not lead to easy local eating.

Locavores are a dime a dozen in the Pacific Northwest, but good blogs are always to be treasured.

In New Hampshire they sum it up really well.

Keeping your kids smart on food?

Need tips on winter locavorism?

Hey Peter, leeks!

Any other good links, especially on public markets?


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  1. art says:

    Thank you kindly for the link.

    Impressive (new) list of vendors at the Metra Market.

    Excited to see a place like Frietkoten opening. Let this be the first of many “fry shacks” to open in Chicago. Belgian fries, aioli, belgian beer–the perfect snack.

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