Daddy Downer Does Menu Monday

October 5, 2009 at 1:09 pm

Rob Gardner

With the thrall of my birthday over, my wife has taken again to reminding me what a complainer I am.  Always pointing out what’s missing, what’s wrong., she accuses.  In support, my older daughter has taken to calling me Daddy Downer.  I think I am not so much critical as being well able to express my wants and desires.  It is realistic, is it not, a few days after being winsome over the fading crops of summer to realize that by using my market budget up on tomatoes, I may miss entirely the fall season of vegetables.  Surely, it was reasonable to tell that to my wife on Saturday as we left the market.  Were we going to miss out on Brussels sprouts.  Is that complaining?  That’s just laying out the facts.

We shopped quickly on Saturday morning because we had Food Pantry volunteering scheduled.  We still found peaches, so had to get them from Walt Skibbes.  It pained me though, being Daddy Downer, that we did not get more pears or the purple prune plums.  We’d get Orianna the Papple Lady’s Asian pears for storage soon I rationalized.  We will not, however, have more chances for peppers will we.  Farmer Vicki’s Genesis Growers corner at the market contained so many red and green temptations that made me oh so winsomer to skip.  Instead, I bought much needed carrots and much useful lettuce and rocket.  From Catalina Garden across the way, we got the very much desired tomatoes.  We must have tomatoes while they are still around.  And tell me if this is a half-full or half empty experience.  Joe at Brunkow said to us, you have to try.  He went off to his car and sliced off two bits of extra stinky cheese, his first attempt at a washed rind cheese.  My wife and I looked at each other, then said about in unison.  “We’ll take it.”  “Next week,” Joe then said.  “It’s not quite ready.”

Who’s Daddy Downer with that cheese to have soon.  Who’s Daddy Downer when we get a CSA box of squash, collard greens, pears, apples, cabbages.  I’m not the one in the house who does not like green peppers.  The fact that the box contained green and not red peppers did not faze me.  Was it really that much of a downer to say to my wife, after taking over from me and roasting a bunch of red and yellow peppers, “at the end of the day, it hardly seems like hardly a lot of peppers.”  I mean it did not.  Seem like a lot of peppers.

You know why we did not use all the colored peppers we have in our inventory.  We need them for stuffed vegetables.  Is Daddy Downer upset that our menus last week featured no stuffed vegetables.  We did have chicken pie.  And when my wife, repeating a mistake I once made, used apple sauce instead of stock in the gravy, did I complain.  Did I not look at the bright side.  Chicken pie.  We could have stuffed vegetables this week.

This week I cannot complain any more about the brown on the cauliflowers we have because my wife said she use them in soup.  This week I cannot complain about her buying more corn (more corn!) because, well because she’ll give me a good reason for needing more corn.  A good reason.  This week I won’t point out the little soft spot growing on the spaghetti squash because we still have tomatoes to eat, Greek salads to make.  This week I am not going to eat the new crop Brussels sprouts.  This week I am not going to eat the beets that came in the CSA box.  This week it will not matter to me that I do not taste October.  I can do it.  Daddy Downer will be satisfied with what’s on the menu this week.

What about the broccoli we got a few weeks ago in the CSA box.  Shouldn’t that go on the menu?  What if it’s already spoiled.