Bloggin’ My CSA: Lucky #7

September 17, 2009 at 9:41 am

I have to confess a bit of waste from delivery six. I never cooked the turnip greens. In my defense, they lasted about a day before they were terribly wilted, then they were completely dead before I could get to them.

On the rest of the stuff, I’ve still got some peppers, but everything else was eaten up in a pretty standard way. The tomatoes were among the best I’ve tasted all season.

I picked up delivery 7 of 10 last night, and it’s a nice one. Here’s a pic:

What’s in there?

  • Celery with very abundant tops. I like the celery tops because they can be used like flat-leaf parsley (botanically-related, I believe). I like celery-leaf chimichurri.
  • Kale: I like kale (earlier this season I roasted some), but until I was an adult I believed that it was the inedible stuff that went around bowls on salad bars. Not sure what I’ll do with this, but I think I have to act fast or suffer another turnip green situation.
  • Tomatoes. Easy.
  • Peppers. Poblano and “Italian Frying” peppers (what are these really called?). The Italian peppers already got cooked into some pasta sauce last night.
  • Red potatoes
  • Cauliflower and what a cauliflower! This bad boy weighs in at 3.25 lbs. I love pan-roasted cauliflower with toasted nuts and olive oil.
  • Garlic chives will go in everything this week.
  • Onions: faithful readers know that I use onions almost daily.
  • Red leaf lettuce: 3/4ths of which was eaten as a green salad last night.

A couple bonus pics from the delivery:

Garlic Chives


Also, we’re putting the final touches on our 2009-10 Winter CSA guide. Stay tuned.



  1. jen says:

    put it in:
    stir fries
    pastas (hot or cold)
    breakfast (omelettes, scrambles)
    on pizza!
    make kale chips

  2. Danit says:

    Molly wizenberg (aka orangette) has a nice kale and pasta recipe in the October issue of Bon appetit (you can find the article and recipe online)

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