Bottling Beet Beer

September 11, 2009 at 9:09 am

Tom Keith

I’m old.

I know that, and not just because I know how to use a calendar, and I know the date I was born. I know it because I follow Metropolitan Brewing on Facebook. They often post about the music playing throughout the brewery as they’re making their distinctive beers. Last I checked, they were listening to Motorhead and Ponytail.

Today I bottled the Local Beet Beer. What was playing? Leon Redbone.

I’m old.

I also sampled a bit of the beer before it went into bottles. It’s not so much a predictor of the ultimate flavor, as it is a leading indicator (no, I really don’t know what the difference between those two things is, either).

It’s a strange flavor. On the first sip, I didn’t like it. Second sip was slightly better. Third sip was getting okay. An acquired taste, maybe. There’s a definite progression of flavors as it lingers on the palate, from an initial, strong, maybe off-putting beety earthiness, with an overlay of sweetness, to a bit of pepperiness, to a beery, malty finish with more sweetness.

I’m guessing many won’t like it – it was an experiment, after all. It may well be one of those things that’s more interesting than good.

A few weeks to bottle-condition will undoubtedly change the flavors somewhat, as will the natural carbonation.

I’ll keep you posted.