The Late Return of Linky Wednesday

August 27, 2009 at 8:30 am

Rob Gardner

Being Eating-In at Daley Plaza rather monkey wrenched my plan to return Linky Wednesday to its rightful place in the Local Beet pantheon.  So, a day late, we have a bunch of stuff for you and your friends as well as some stuff from our friends to you.

If you want to show your friends how fair minded you are, cite them the one good thing in James McWilliams diatribe against local food.  Then go ahead and trash the book

Want to show your friends you don’t suffer from omnivore’s delusions, here’s some help.

Want to tell your friends that some people suffer as much trying to eat local in the summer as we do in the winter.

Please let your friends know about Graffiti and Grub, slaying food deserts one pear at a time. It opens tomorrow. 

Maybe the iffy economy has led some of your friends into the food business.  Please support these guys profiled here.

Would your friends believe that they’re eating local even in Alaska (Louisa?).

Another friend of ours wants to raise chickens in his backyard.

This friend acts as his own publicist.

This friend gives us pictures of what we all should see.

Last, let all your friends in on the local heroes down at the AquaRanch.