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July 28, 2009 at 8:32 am

I received news in my inbox regarding Homegrown Wisconsin, the popular farmers cooperative that provides organic produce to local restaurants and consumers (via their CSA).

The member farms have collectively sold the CSA business to their manager, Deb Hansen. To quote the letter from the cooperative farmers: “It has been a challenge for us to run our individual farms and the HGW cooperative, and we expect that the CSA will thrive as a private business.”

The CSA will be renamed “Simply Wisconsin”.

I am a HGW CSA customer (follow my ongoing blog posts covering the deliveries) and I certainly hope that this change works out for the better. Personally, I enjoyed the fact that as a customer of a cooperative, I knew that the farmers owned the company that I wrote my check to. Now, I do have to consider that there is a middleman, of sorts.

I’ll be posting any developments in this blog as this season moves to a close and the winter season starts.



  1. Paulette Gardner says:

    I have been buing from Simply Wisconsin this summer at the new Northbrook Our Lady of the Brook Farmers Market. I have found the product to be excellant. My understanding it is the same stuff as Home Grown Wisconsin. I have also found the people to be knowledgeable and very friendly. I hope this market picks up and they will continue to be there.

  2. Kristen says:

    I’ve been a HGW customer for 3 years now, and I remember when Deb Hansen came onboard and got them much more organized. It was very well-run under her, and I don’t expect to see any significant changes. That said, I hope the quality and variety of the product continues to improve; they had a couple of bad years with weather and that impacted the crops. But I was hoping for better this year, and I haven’t seen it. Where is the lettuce? It’s way too soon for as many root vegges and cabbages as we’ve been getting…

  3. Concerned Farmer says:

    Maybe you people should do a little more checking. This company has been selling produce that is not organic from their so called amish farms. Yeah so hope you are happy with that.

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