Bloggin’ My CSA: Delivery 3

July 23, 2009 at 9:39 am

Before we jump into delivery #3, here’s a quick roundup of what happened with delivery #2. This was a tough delivery to use up because we had relatively few nights at home cooking these past couple weeks. The lettuce all wound up in salads, as did the cukes. The kale was roasted and eaten like potato chips. The berries and peas were eaten out of hand. The onions and scapes were used mainly in sautees. You might have seen what happened to much of the zucchini, this delivery’s biggest challenge. I’ve still got the kohlrabi which is highly likely to wind up in a soup. Stay tuned. 100% usage of the food is on track.

On to delivery three.

Sorry for the sub-par photography in this one. It’s a rather light box and very green. The contents:

  • Green beans: yay! one of my favorites
  • Celery: hooray! I can’t cook without it.
  • More zucchini: sigh
  • Cucumbers: always welcome
  • Flat leaf parsley: much preferred over that curly stuff from last time.
  • Broccoli: will likely get roasted because that’s the only way my wife seems to enjoy it.
  • Spring onion: again, always welcome
  • Swiss chard: a beautiful bunch. Weighing my options.

Nothing really challenging or surprising in this box. Stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. Kennyz says:

    anotehr idea for the kohlrabi if you haven’t used it up… I loved the pickled spears I had at the Publican this week. The peppery kick of the kohlrabi worked great with the slightly sweet brine.

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