The Mishigas of Menu Monday on Tuesday

July 14, 2009 at 9:37 am

Rob Gardner

Sunday AM, I was doing what I do best in the kitchen, slicing not all the way through.  I thought, to have conjoined foods, that is one of the mishigas I suffer while trying to make it as a locavore.  Would not it be fun to share all my kitchen crazies come Menu Monday I thought?  How some of my slices (those where I put the knife all the way through) always roll to the floor; my inability to wrap things in plastic.  And of course there were more serious mishigas, the hulk that emerges from me when I deal with food in our basement fridge.  Now, of course, it is Tuesday AM, and the only thing really odd is writing about what came in the CSA box way back on Thursday.  So, without further adieu, let’s roll the tape.

Kale, more broccoli, more lettuce, zucchini, basil; our weekly fill from Farmer Vicki’s Genesis Growers CSA.  We took to quick work with the kale.  My older daughter, Hannah, de-stemmed it.  My wife wife sauteed it in the style of Mado Restaurant.  I provided the Oskar Schindler panache.  This we have in the house for lunches.  The rest awaits cooking.  At least we have plenty of ideas for the zucchini.

I was mentioning Sunday AM cooking.  We hosted a brunch.  On the table, blueberry muffins with market berries; a vegetable hash from the storage veg (broccoli, kohlrabi, turnip, carrot, potato) topped with Wettstein duck eggs and that topped with home-made Hollandaise; a salad of fennel, Brunkow Little Darling and the first, tart, (did I mention tart) summer apples; another salad of baby beets, beet greens, in a garlic-yogurt dressing; roasted, marinated, very hot wax peppers from Genesis’s stand, and a fruit salad of strawberries, white peaches an blueberries.  Thing is for all that mishigas, about none of that is left for meals from Mondays on.

I suffered no mishigas with my first Caprese salad of the season with the first organic, market tomatoes from Tomato Mountain and Brunkow’s fresh mozzerella, Vicki’s basil.  In fact, I might not have a better Caprese salad all year.   Nothing else has been prepared.  Saturday night we visited a friend in the hospital and went for decent burgers and better than decent fries at Muskies.  Sunday, we celebrated older daughter’s birthday with Peruvian chicken and Peruvian fried calamari just as good as the chicken at D’Candela.  Monday night is occupied by training Molly the Eat Local Dog, so we stopped on the way home for an unusually poor showing at Zacatacos in Cicero.

All those meals away, means all sorts of food piling up.  There are freshly dug potatoes, and all sorts of herbs; a few more early apples, fresh goat cheese and fresh eggs.  I have one more, very large Tomato Mountain tomato looming in the dining room for a meal.  I have some Red Hen ciabiatta bread that I’m hiding from the rest of the local family so it gets stale and then I can make panzanella.  I’m not hiding the platter of jalepenos from Saturday’s market, the sweet banana peppers from the market before, there right in the dining room.  Also in plain sight, a big bowl of apricots from the limited local season.  Also in plain sight, lots of early cherry tomatoes.  Not so much hiding but out of sight in the fridge, raspberries, more blue berries, cherries and the first green bell peppers.  Greek salads and fruit in hand seem like the the rest of Menu Monday this Tuesday.

What will be on your menu the rest of the week?