You Learn Something New Everyday

July 10, 2009 at 1:06 pm

So, I was in attendance for da’ Mayor’s press conference last week in Millennium Park. Purple Asparagus was part of Taste Week in the Park’s Family Fun Festival, making herb seed bookmarks with beautiful papers donated by Paper Source.

The subject of the conference is the fun and free programming offered by the City. Most of it was pretty standard, but I did learn that the Lincoln Park Zoo is the only free zoo in the country, quite an interesting factoid.

I also bet that it’s one of the only major zoo’s to offer a restaurant sourcing local, organic and sustainable ingredients. A few months ago, we at the Local Beet were invited to a press opening of the Cafe at Wild Things. Coincidentally, Thor’s class had a Zoo field trip that very day so I took the trip.

The Chef and his sous chef brought out samples of the entire menu. At the time of the event (early May), most of the product was organic sourced through Testa, but the Chef, a very affable fellow, explained that they would be sourcing locally once the growing season got up and running.

For the full menu and more information, visit the Lincoln Park Zoo website. Personally, I was a big fan of the soba and tofu salad.

The menu items are served on compostable wares, which are disposed of in biodegradable garbage bags. I spoke with a staff member who was familiar with the then-pending composting legislation. She was very much looking forward to implementing a full composting system once available.