The Iceberg Cometh

June 24, 2009 at 4:47 pm

Man I love posting that.  Not so much for the literary allusion, became, well I do not even know anything more about the play than the title.  I’m just damn happy that I’ve learned from Farmer Vicki that this is the week that our CSA boxes will feature iceberg lettuce (at least some of the lucky boxes, there was only so much iceberg).  I really like having iceberg in my eat local repertoire, something that happens about every two years.  And if you are happy about getting iceberg this week, or vice-versa, if you wanted pretty little leaves of “mesclun”,  I can take the credit or the blame.  It was I that talked Farmer Vicki into the crop.

Next up: talking my wife into making mayo, for some home-made 1,000 island dressing.