Bad Timing by Prairie Fruit Farms

June 15, 2009 at 9:25 am

Curses Meredith for putting Prairie Fruit Farms on the east side of the Oak Park Farmer’s Market this year.  Curses, I cannot go a week without buying cheese.  The small paddle of fresh chevre  is so worth the weekly outlay of $7.  Of course, the other day, I skipped the fresh, fresh chevre for fresh, fresh sheep’s milk, just as worth the $7.  Curses on anyone not fully aware of how good a plastic “tin” of fresh sheep’s milk cheese can be.  I leave my fullest curses, however to Leslie and Wes who showed a horrible sense of timing. 

They brought to the markets this week, a goat’s milk Romano style cheese (scroll down here for details).  This cheese is sharp from its aging and complex from its use of raw milk, and better than any romano you will find.  It is being sold now, in very limited quantities.  Do find it and get it.   Save it.  It will, surely, be the ideal complement to the freshest favas.  But around here, the favas are a ways away, I would guess at least several weeks.  Although traditionally, favas are thought of as a spring crop, you will not see them here until mid-summer.  When you do though, pair them with Prairie Fruit Farms’ romano, a classic pairing.  If you can still find this cheese.

Prairie Fruit Farms sells at three Chicago area farmer’s markets: Green City, Oak Park and 61st Street.