Linky Wednesday

June 10, 2009 at 10:48 am

Rob Gardner

Today’s fun filled journey around the local food world (or at least things of interest to local food foodies).

It’s not too late to get tickets for tomorrow night’s Growing Home benefit.

Alex Cheswick of May St. Market has been a big supporter of local farms, and I am glad to see in today’s Sun Times that he is also a big supporter of the 61st St. Farmer’s Market.

Need market inspiration.  Anthony Todd at Chicagoist has it for you.  A previous inspiration, 24 Boxes seems to have some writer’s block.  We miss you!

A wildly over-productive apple tree fronts the Bungalow (hint, hint).

Decider Chicago does a nice job of giving their opinion on the best of our local crops to date.

Taste of Chicago means maybe some different things to the Local Beet.  Still, we love Eli’s Cheesecake.  Check them out at the Taste preview at Daly Plaza today.

The three kings of sustainable blogging:  I’m always hot for something by Lee Zukor, and recently he tackledthe most prevalent crop I’ve been seeing so far this year, the radish.  I check in also with Zachary Cohen, and he points me to this interesting map on obesity trends, and I stay smart with Rob Smart.

The “un-official Michael Pollan” twitter feed“, mmmm (interesting never-the-less).

Sign the petition for better school lunches.

Stan Schutte produces organic meats in Central Illinois.  Read about how he grows taste on his new web site.

Right up there with the Safe House as source for Milwaukee visitor mirth, was the cheese shop in downtown’s Old World 3rd Street; no better place for a pig shaped block of cheddar and some summer sausage of dubious ingredients.  Well, if you were not noticing, Ken McNulty bought the Wisconsin Cheese Mart a few years ago.  He replaced all of his European and other cheeses with a menu of strictly Wisconsin cheeses.  Funny thing, his sales tripled.  Building on his success, he’s expanding next door with a bar selling only Wisconsin beers.  Road trip!  Read more here.

I’m not sure how many of our readers are in need of a CSA in NYC, but this guide at the Just Food web site is pretty cool.  Nor am I sure how many of our readers are in the Pacific Northwest, but all should be inspired by what they are doing there.  On the other hand, I bet most of our readers use these 12 slow food tricks, but just in case, it’s a good plan of action.  And who cares about eating local in Sidney, Australia.  Have you ever seen better food porn? (Still, I applaud Rob and Becca’s commitment to eating local.)

What else?