Mado Gets Times’d

May 29, 2009 at 12:20 pm

Our good friends at Mado get some well deserved publicity.  The article will be out in this Sunday’s NYTimes, but I hope they do not mind that we are jumping the gun with the link.  I mean don’t blame us, the NYTimes put it out today.

Mediterranean influences (Mado’s motto: “Midwestern farmers, Mediterranean flavors”) seep through, but mainly this is just good food. An entree of lake perch with garlic and leeks was delicate, still sizzling in its pan as it arrived, and the beef heart — often passed over in places less intent on finding use for an entire animal — with mashed potatoes and red wine was tempting. Still, perhaps the most impressive moment came in the simplest dish: an arugula salad with tiny, ruby-colored carrots and shaved asparagus — a momentary journey to some quiet farm while still sitting in the city’s chaos, which, of course, must be the point.