Sky Full of Bacon: Prosciutto di Iowa

May 26, 2009 at 8:28 am

Mike Gebert, the most passionate unintentional locavore on the internet, has released Sky Full of Bacon episode number 10, featuring Iowa cured-pork producer La Quercia.

You can view the episode here. (There’s also a bonus audio portion lower on the page.) Check it out.

From Sky Full of Bacon:

Here’s an example of a local food from the midwest that’s not just good for a local product, but as good as any of its kind on earth. Since it first hit the market in 2005-6, the prosciutto made by La Quercia has been hailed in rhapsodic terms by top chefs and food writers (as you’ll see and hear from three of Chicago’s top chefs). Herb and Kathy Eckhouse set out to make a truly world-class product—and to do it in accordance with their principles about being environmentally responsible and humane toward the pigs they use. In this Sky Full of Bacon podcast, we tour the prosciuttificio south of Des Moines to see how state-of-the-art technology simulates the traditional Italian way of making prosciutto, and we hear the Eckhouses talk about how they got started, how they’ve built a business in line with their principles, and about getting Iowa farmers to adopt the ancient practice of raising pigs on acorns for the best hams.

If you’re new to “Sky Full of Bacon”, I highly recommend you check out the previous nine episodes, linked from the bottom of the same page.


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  1. It is quite delicious and now available at Whole Foods.

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