May 25, 2009 at 8:56 am

We want our fellow fans of local foods to join us this Saturday, May 30, at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market.   The market starts at 8 AM this weekend ( going to its regular 7 AM opening in June.)  I shall be there at opening because my daughters will be selling the magic of vinegar with Jim the Vinegar Guy (excellent profile of Jim in the latest issue of Edible Chicago).  Melissa starts her kid-friendly demonstrations at 9 AM, and the Village of Oak Park has schedule an array of Go Green activities from 9-1130.  We don’t expect to Beet-Up this entire time, but we do hope you stick around to join us for lunch afterwards at Marion St. Cheese Market in Oak Park at around 1145.  Beet-up!

Meet the farmers.  The Patriarch of Nichol’s Farm is nearly always there at Oak Park.  He’d love to talk with you.  Dennis Wettstein raises a ton of organic and provided the head for one of the first Sky Full of Bacon productions.  There is not a more classic farmer than Walt Skibbes; amongst other things, ask him about cider production in Michigan.  And gosh, if you appreciate fine cheeses, you’ll have the chance to meet and chat with one of the most skilled local cheese artisans in Joe Burns of Brunkow Cheese/Fayette Creamery. 

Meet your fellow local food fans.  Compare shopping notes.  Figure out what to do with something like sorrel.  Discuss storage and preservation.   Get inspired to eat local.  See  ya there.

The Oak Park Market is on Lake Street between Elmwood and Scoville.  Details here.

Marion St. Cheese Market is at 100 S. Marion, Oak Park, IL