Tuesday’s the Day Before Earth Day, So Lists, Links, Calender (Our Green Edition)

April 21, 2009 at 9:55 am

Rob Gardner

Psst, do you know what tomorrow is? 


Here at the Local Beet every day is earth day.  Then again, to be a legitimate member of the Media, twitter and all, one must do certain things.  Would you respect the Local Beet if we did not publish this here Green Edition?  Let’s move on to the show.

Five Ways Eating Local is Green:

  1. What ever study you can find me, you cannot convince me that Food Miles do matter; if not every time, then most of the time.  Reduce the distance it takes your for your food to arrive.
  2. Local food has Less Packaging, meaning less solid waste.
  3. You pay the real costs for local meat, practically forcing you to Eat Less Meat.
  4. For a host of reasons, local farmers tend to use Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Farming Practices.  If you know your farmers, they are accountable to you.  More, when in doubt, go visit the farm.
  5. Eating local Fosters Community and Builds Local Economies.  Local eaters know how their decisions affect those around them, including how those around them are treating the earth.  They also know their decisions provide local jobs, preserve existing infrastructures and retard the decay facing our rural areas.

In my Village of Oak Park, a series has been running on “Greening the Village”.  Tonight there’s a presentation focusing on food.  One of the presenters raises chickens in Oak Park.  To read more about urban chicken farming gawk here.

Tomorrow, the City of Chicago is sponsoring three events to help raise awareness of easy steps people can take to help the environment.  Details here.

On Friday, the University of Chicago is hosting a Green Fest, featuring the Local Beet’s Vera V and others.

Greenfest is a few weeks away and Green Team volunteer slots are already gone, but there are other volunteer opportunities including with FamilyFarmed and Angelic Organic Learning Center.

CNN discovers local food!!

It’s not a green reason to eat local, but as Editor-in-Chief Michael likes to say, food around the country should taste different.  An appreciation (nay requirement) for regional food is part of being a locavore.  I’m not sure if I agree that this is the 50 quintessential American dishes, but it’s a discussion starter.

What else?


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  1. chefgwen says:

    As a proud member of Slow Food, I totally get — and respect — the Local Beet. And I also respect that you might not totally agree with my 50 quintessential American dishes. Might I suggest that you put together your own list? Local even, if you want, of quintessential American dishes? I would love to read it.

    Thanks for linking to my post.

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