Thursday is Blogday at the Local Beet

April 2, 2009 at 9:16 am

Rob Gardner

Where we toss out all the stuff we thought about all week, and the stuff we cannot wait to get at for the Weekend Local Calender.  UPDATES BELOW

  • Eat Local Out – The other day I mentioned that to eat local was to cook and then, more painfully, to clean.  Well, there is a workaround, a way to have your cake and eat it too, literally.  Frequent a restaurant practicing the same principles you preach.  This week, with Spring Break and new dog, the Local Family ate at its two favorite places, Vie and Mado.  Reviews will be posted soon.  Also, check out the well done new Mado website.
  • CSA’s are in the Air - My first Spring CSA shipment from Farmer Vicki’s Genesis Growers arrives today.  Because of some e-mail glitches, I have no idea what will be there.  Editor-in-Chief Michael’s first CSA won’t come until the end of April.  One of us will be providing a detailed CSA report; hint, it’s not me.
  • Find Local Food – At the Local Beet, we believe we will have the most complete listing of area Farmer’s Markets.  Moreover, we believe we will have created the best market finder application.  Look for our Farmer’s Market Guide soon.
  • Find Local Food on Twitter – There’s three crowds when it comes to Twitter: the hooked, the in but skeptical and the Usenet users, a/k/a the what’s the fussers.  Frankly, I love it.  Not the least, I love the farmer’s market info: @GCMED is the feed for Green City Market, but you get as much if not more from their top fan, @saragasbarra.  I like to think that Cassie gives me first crack at her local inventory, but I think she shares what’s new at Green Grocer @GreenGrocerChic.  Downtown, the Farmstand is a fine, fine place to get local food.  See what’s new there @ChiFarmstand.
  • Roadtrip for Local Food via Twitter – The Urbana Farmer’s Market is the biggest in the state and worth a trip (especially if combined with a farm dinner at Prairie Fruit Farms).  Build anticipation by following their feed @urbanamarket.  Gown and town, Champaign’s got a new farmer’s market this year.  Follow their Twitter feed too @FarmersMarketN1
  • Follow Us on Twitter – If you forget to click over at anytime, you can see what’s new on the Local Beet @thelocalbeet.  My day to day [ed. minute by minute?] efforts to stay local can be followed @LocalFamily.  Michael mostly notes his efforts to be a master bread baker @mmorowitz.  Melissa puts a lot of stuff on her feed, so very much follow @sustainablecook.  Vera V has a farm as well as a blog to promote @VidenovichFarms.  Brad’s the only one of the team Twitter-less, but his wife is one of the most prolific, best Twitter-ers @KimMoldofsky.
  • RampFest – One of the best fundraisers for local food is tomorrow at Garfield Park.  RampFest benefits the Land Connection, an organization that does much to help Illinois farmers and enable our local food system.
  • Chicago Food Policy Summit – A gathering of food policy mavens, local food advocates, and all between Wednesday April 8, 2009.  The agenda’s here.
  • Local Food on the Tee-Vee – The Channel 2 10 PM newscast with the local news story, including yours truly, should air on April 9.
  • Confused by HR 875, the proposed bill that might just end the local food movement?  Or so they say!! – I have no special insight on the bill, and really, have been too afraid to do my own research; what if it DOES take away farmer’s markets.  La Vida Locavore is not so alarmist.
  • Eli’s Cheesecake and the Local Beet – No not beet flavored cheesecake (at least not yet), but the Local Beet is very excited to be working with Eli’s on their market and outstanding program of speakers.  Expect more details soon.
  • Chef at the Market – And in the expect more details soon, expect to hear more soon about an exciting new feature that will be running at the Local Beet.

 That’s all for now because I have to get to work, but check back later today for various miscellanea on the road to eating local.