Local Calender for Around March 27, 2009

March 27, 2009 at 3:56 pm

Rob Gardner

This is the last weekend for a long time that the Local Calender will be urging you to attend one of the Winter Markets organized by Robin “Winter” Schirmer and the Churches Center for Land and People.   From November through now, when you thought the idea of local food was something for Alice Waters and her Californianiks, Robin and crew showed that local always happened here too.  You never knew what could be there week to week.  Markets featured leftover fruit, apples from Michigan farms like Seedlings and the newly grown fruit, crops of indoor strawberries and raspberries.  Same with veg; over the course of the winter she had still viable stuff from farmers like Genesis Growers, beets, potatoes, carrots as well as indoor grown crops including more than once, zucchini.  There was always breads and canned goods and mushrooms; ice cream, sorghum corn; best there was always some way to taste from the Ackerman’s eggrolls to the market brunches to even a dinner.   Come say thanks for doing all this at the last market of the year, Saturday, Oak Park, Pilgrim Church (460 Lake), from 9 until 1.  Don’t forget the brunch.

After you’ve had your brunch, head off to Green City Market.  It may be the other in their every other off-season schedule, but they’ve decided to go for it this weekend too.  Based on Twitter intel, there may be ramps and there should be an array of stuff from the genius’s at Growing Power. 

And more from my number one source of media insider-ness; Cassie has this to say on her Twitter: “Fresh local products from three different Illinois farms! Lettuce, baby spring mix, stir fry mix, kale, collards, chard, and green onions!”  Tell her I told you to stop by her Green Grocer.

Martha and friends, including the Beets ow Vera cook soup for the last of their soup and bread fundraisers for the Chicago Food Depository on Wednesday April 1 at the Hide Out.  Proceeds to to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  Details here.

And…I have to run, so when I can, I’ll update.  Please add to the listings in the comments.


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  1. robininwinter says:

    Sorry to those who were enticed by Rob with promises of brunch at the final market of the Winter Farmers Market season in Oak Park. (A non-certified kitchen at the church did in the hope for a full meal.) Among the crowds–who came in droves and lingered–I didn’t see any long faces. I hope that means that the brunch gene was satisfied by warm cinnamon rolls, whole wheat coffeecakes, and sourdough breads from Bread From The Heart; the chocolate croissants and fruit tarts from the Sisters’ patisserie; the samples of Sweet Girl’s chocolate mousse; the taste of sorghum swirl ice cream or spiced apple cider sorbet from Ruth & Phil’s Gourmet Ice Cream; the finger-dab of AquaRanch’s sweet basil vinaigrette; the chips-and-salsa samplers from Tomato Mountain and River Valley Ranch, each offering their own unique flavors.

    It’s been a wonderful season from November through March, with 29 markets held in 23 different congregational facilities in the City and a dozen or so suburbs. I’ll be recapping the season with a list of vendors and where you can find their products in the “off” season via an email blast in coming weeks. If you’d like to be added to that list, please shoot me an email at robininwinter [at] aol [dot] com. Through that email list, I’ll also keep you posted on the future (?) of this venture. With summer markets still holding all their promise, chances are that markets in winter will be pretty low on your radar, but by October, you just might be wondering if local produce, meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, honey, cider, baked goods, vinegars, soaps, beauty products, and more, will be coming to a congregation near you.

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