Mid-Week Potpouri

March 25, 2009 at 7:24 pm

Rob Gardner

UPDATE: A newsroom guy told me the local food segment would run on Wednesday, but if you watched another episode of parking meters and puppies, you know that’s not the case.  Hopefully, I will soon get the skinny from the Producer.  The post below was written on Wednesday.

Sorry for making you all stay around for the 10 PM News.  1/2 the time I’m going to bed by then anyways, so no  comment on last night’s episode.  Also, truth be told, I now have no idea when the local food segment will air–I’ve left a message for the WBBM Producer and will update/when I know more.

If you’re on Twitter, you know that today was ramp day in Chicago as Spence Farm dropped off ramps at a whole host of Chicago area restaurants.  Chef Mendez frying some lake perch and serving them with some ramp aioli.  Mado, which just today got awarded Best BYO and Best Dessert by the Reader (and where my wife apprentices) is doing, according to my wife, “something porky” with the ramps and also using them in a pasta–today, you never know what the Mado menu will be tomorrow.

Not on the drop-off list for ramps, I went the other way, getting some old cabbage that rather showed up at the Downtown Farmstand from Wisconsin’s Harvest Moon Organics.  I never get tired of making slaw though.  I do hear that there may be some ramps at a special ramp edition of Green City Market this Saturday.  If not, Whole Foods usually gets a boatload of ramps from Wisconsin’s Harmony Valley Farm later in the spring.

Speaking of Wisconsin, we had a real taste of Wisconsin last night.  A salad with frost kissed spinach from Snug Haven Farms, bacon and eggs (hard boiled) from the Dane County Market. 

Speaking of rocket, have you stopped calling arugula arugula?  Me, I did not do the rocket so proud with dish I cooked up this week.  We have this Meyer Lemons my wife picked up at Whole Foods.  I had this idea that a salad of rocket, Meyer lemon segments and Sarvechio cheese would work, the way that Chef Levitts salads always seem to work.  Nope.  The Meyer lemons somehow added an unneeded dose of bitterness to the thing.

For a taste of what Spring tastes like, without ramps, head to Cassie’s Green Grocer.  She has the most precious looking chard and collards you’ll ever seen, grown here in Chicago by Windy City Harvest.  She also has bags of lettuce from them. 

Maybe we should boycott ramps until they show up in stores?  Do I need more things to rant about?  In my list the other day, after the intertubes ate my post, I forgot to add back my rant against the costs of eating local.  Hint: whatever money you spend on $5 strawberries, you more than save at (or is that from) Five Guys.

The very last winter market convenes this Saturday in Oak Park at Pilgrim Church.  Details soon.  Come show your support to Robin and all the vendors who worked very hard to supply local food all the time (all the time).