My Local Calender or Yours?

March 19, 2009 at 8:25 am

Rob Gardner

So, what do you want to know, what I’ll be up to this weekend, or where you should be. 

You can point south for two winter markets this weekend; what I call the Top Notch Beef Burger Market Saturday (Beverly) or the  Children’s Farm market even more south Sunday in Palos Park.  Robin’s excited that she has green tomatoes this week, so get your fryers a-ready. 

In Chicago, it’s the every in every-other week for Green City Market.  March is cheese month, so root on our local team on Saturday.

The usuals: GenevaHeritage Prairie, Green Grocer and the Downtown Farmstand.  

Local food celebrity Gus celebrates National Corn Dog Day at his Wiener and Still Champion in Evanston this Saturday.

As Brad foreshadowed a few weeks ago, the end of winter/beginning of spring is also maple syrup tapping time.  One does not need to head to North Wisconsin for this.  Rather, right in Chicago some sap will be collected.  This weekend, the Maple Syrup Festival takes place at the North Park Village Nature Center.

Soup’s still on at the Hideout  for the Greater Chicago Food Depository next Wednesday.  See also Martha’s soup blog.

And me, I’m off to Madison, WI today.  Tonight, it’s a tasting of regional and forgotten fruits at Harvest.  Tomorrow night, it’s a lecture by Gary Nabhan at the U of W.  I’ll probably try the expanded offerings at Cafe Soleil during this time and will fer sure, find time for the Washington Hotel Coffee Room, but Friday it can only be fish fry.  Where to choose?  Before heading home, I’m hoping for a big taste of spring at the Dane County Farmer’s Market.  I’ll have plenty to blog about from all of this, but if you want to follow it as it happens, go to @LocalFamily on


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  1. pdaane says:

    Folks- The articles do not appear to be dated, hence I am heading to ___ market today does not mean much. Same with event happening “this Saturday”.

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