Early Local Calender

March 12, 2009 at 8:12 am

Rob Gardner

Recycling the beets cause me trouble/I quit bit and now the Local Calender a day early, Rob you have run out of ideas?  Nope.  If you noticed our event tracker, there’s a reason I’m on top of this today.  That is, I want you to make the necessary arrangements for tomorrow’s winter market in Oak Park.  Robin’s running three markets this weekend, including one tomorrow in Oak Park.   Intel suggests you might run into a TV crew.  If you cannot make Friday’s market, there’s one on Saturday in Chicago and another Sunday in Elgin. 

The market season is still a bit away and our other options remain Geneva and Heritage Prairie.  Heritage Prairie features a class this Saturday on tart making.   Cassie and her Green Grocer always remain an option as does the Downtown Farmstand.  

Tonight (Thursday), I’m filling in for a missing raw food expert (got any raw food tips for me) at the Oak Park Green Community Center, 7 PM 542 S. Scoville. 

Sunday night, Mado runs their monthly family dinner.  Being the Ides of March, Mado’s going with a Roman theme.

Monday night, Marion Street Cheese hosts a discussion on local beers.

Wednesday night, the Hideout again has soup and bread for the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  See also Martha’s soup blog.

Travelers, I wanted to post on a Spring Break find local food challenge, discussed here, but for the life of me, I cannot seem to find the necessary Facebook page.  If anyone gets the details, please post.

As always, any tips or ideas for the Local Calender are much wanted and appreciated.  Look forward soon, to the Local Beet’s Farmer’s Market Guide as well as our guide to eating in Spring.


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  1. kennyz says:

    I don’t know how this escaped me, but I had no idea that the Downtown Farmstand had reopened in February on a permanent basis. Great news!

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