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February 27, 2009 at 10:14 am

Rob Gardner

Yesterday, we asked but did not yet answer the question, “Why Can’t We Have Public Markets Like Cleveland.”  Well, at least we linked to the Reader’s smart guy, Cecil Adams, who tackled the question.   So, maybe this weekend, you want to see what some of fuss is about public markets.  We link below to several area public markets  for possible weekend road-tripping.  Before covering that, however, we provide our weekly update on local buying opportunities and other things we think are good ideas(tm).

On Saturday, the Winter Market convenes nearby in Oak Park.  On Sunday, the market convenes very far away in DeKalb.  As in every Saturday, out west, there’s also Geneva and Heritage Prairie.  As in every day, there’s Green Grocer Chicago and almost every day, Chicago’s Downtown Farmstand.  Another store with a strong local food focus is Oak Park’s Marion St. Cheese.  Come on Tuesday to meet local cheesemaker (and fruit seller) Leslie Cooperbrand.  Where else are you finding local foods?

Two times coming up to have soup and benefit the Greater Chicago Food DepositorySunday Custom House is holding a soup-off.  People pay $15 for all-you-can eat sample-size bowls of soups created by several top area chefs.  Wednesday, it’s back to the Hideout.  More info at Martha’s soup blog.

So, not a huge amount going on.  Hit the road to see what some of the public market fuss is about.

Mike Sula found much to love in Cleveland, especially their public market.  Knowing Mike, I think he’d equally enjoy Detroit and its Eastern Market (see also).

The Indianapolis City Market is an example of an old-time fixture spruced up for modern conditions.  The Soulard Market in St. Louis never went away nor did Cincinnati’s Findlay MarketMilwaukee is trying to create a 21st century version.   Minneapolis, likewise has something new and market-ish.

There are public markets in some of the smaller cities in the Midwest, for instance South Bend.   Columbus, Ohio does not really count as a small city does it?

Thinks these places can teach Chicago a trick or two?


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  1. Brad Moldofsky says:

    FYI, North Park Nature Center (5801 N. Pulaski) holds its annual Maple Syrup Festival on Sat. and Sun March 27 and 28. In addition to letting folks tap local trees for syrup, there’s a small farmers market near the parking lot. Great place to take kids. They even let you sample freshly boiled syrup from an enormous vat.

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