Market Day 1/31/09

February 2, 2009 at 7:02 pm

Vera Videnovich

Unity Temple Unitarian-Universalist Congregation, Oak Park

Sunlight and melting snow. Finally a winter market day that wasn’t sub-zero or a blizzard outside. Also lovely was that Oak Park is only a 30-minute drive and the location was the historic Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Unity Temple.

A few of the Logan Square Farmers’ Market regulars showed up, colorful vintage market baskets in hand. Included in that crowd was fellow vendor, pie maker Jane Roberts. After a sputter or two we recognized each other in our winter gear. Funny, because our summer booths are almost directly across from each other.

Videnovich Farms booth

Videnovich Farms booth

This week’s market was in two rooms and separated, it appeared, according to the category of food or fiber. The “yarn room” included Kinkoona Farm and My Small Wonders. Kinkoona Farm, in Wisconsin, is headed by Australian Suellen Thompson-Link, and her sheep flock is as mixed as mine. Oh, and larger. Her three kids help out at these winter markets and they keep busy by felting or spinning wool at the market. Check out their Web site for farm day camps starting in June.

My Small Wonders is Donna Koranek. She also brought her wheel (a double-treadle) and was spinning a lovely brindled roving that felt like alpaca (I forgot to ask). She’s selling hand-dyed yarns and proudly displays the skein that won first place at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. Lovely, bright colors in contrast with my own natural tones.

My Small Wonders' yarn

My Small Wonders' yarn

It was a slow sales day for us and we wondered if it was because there were too many yarn vendors in one room (as if!) or if shoppers really just wanted fresh produce in the gloom of winter. A good turn-out means that farmers can use that income to keep upgrading their operations. We basically put all our profits back into the farm and quite a buzz about hoop houses for winter veggies. The more you shop the more we’ll produce. I’ll be visiting a hoop-house-using farm with a group of fellow farmers this month and give you the full report.