The (About the Same) Local Calender

January 9, 2009 at 11:50 am

Rob Gardner

It seems like I was just posting, this calender, and a week later, do I have much to add?  Just like last week, the Illinois Department of Agriculture’s Agrihappenings page is about empty.  Luckily, we have a nose for Google and a few e-mail friend.  Your opportunities for local food are not bare this weekend.

Chief, you have the winter markets, Saturday in Chicago and Sunday in Deerfield.  I was with Robin on Tuesday when she picked up six boxes of stuff from Farmer Vicki’s Genesis Growers.  Vicki’s need for final harvest is a boon for all us locavores as she has all sorts of tiny, sweet parsnips and turnips; celery root and beets (in multiple shades).  There should also be some radishes, carrots and squashes.  On top of that, the markets should have some lettuces and other green things and probably some potatoes.  This may be your best time to shop all winter.

This week’s featured roadtrip is Indianapolis. There is an active winter market and another winter market hosted by Trader’s Point Creamery.  A revised central market, with at least a butcher that seems worth visiting.  The market in Indy on the wish list, however, is the Goose the Market.  Goose, at least, says all the right things on their web site, Meats:

Now by fresh we don’t mean raised in Kansas, butchered in Nebraska, trucked to Chicago, shrink wrapped on a Styrofoam plate, rolled down a hill and into your meat case. We are talking Indiana, all natural, delivered by the farmer, slaughtered just hours or days before (except our luscious dry-aged beef which takes 21 days to reach perfection) you indulge.


It may be easier to give you an idea of what you won’t find. You won’t find tomatoes in January, you won’t find blood oranges in June, and you won’t find asparagus in November. Basically, if it’s not in season go to Marsh. You will find produce that has been selected for quality and wholesomeness. We only scout for organically grown, certified organic and locally grown produce. Our produce selections change frequently, kind of like the seasons. Is that weird or what?

There’s been some good word on Goose at LTHForum.

Whether you hit one of our weekly regulars like Cassie’s Green Grocer, seek out Vicki’s produce at the winter markets or hit the road to someplace like Indianapolis, we hope your weekend is a local weekend.


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