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January 2, 2009 at 4:54 pm

Rob Gardner

Sorry for the delay in posting this, I hope I have not deterred your weekend plans.  Me, I’ve been home for less than 24 hours, but have spent most of the day thinking and planing for the next trip.  I don’t plan on much cooking in the Bungalow until Sunday (maybe) at the earliest.  So, local food shopping has not been on my mind.

It’s not necessarily on other’s minds either.  Robin does not start up her winter markets until the following weekend (Saturday in Chicago/Sunday in Deerfield, details anon).  Green City is off until their snazzy, reservations required monthly market starts January 17 (details also anon).  And the Illinois Agrihappenings site has not gotten around to adding anything beyond the Twin Cities Farmer’s Market in Sterling, IL.

I do believe the Heritage Prairie Market in Elburn is open this Saturday but I am not so sure about the Geneva Winter Market.  When in doubt, Cassie’s always open.  If you question whether there’s any local food now, just scroll through the Irv and Shelly web site.

I’ll be up and at ‘em soon, but do let my inertia stop you from finding something.  I’d love to know what’s on your local agenda.


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