What’s Local, Costco (Oak Brook); CSA + This Should Get Melissa’s Ire

December 8, 2008 at 10:23 am

Rob Gardner

Food Pantry duties and other community events kept me from any of the area winter markets this weekend.  Local locavore, KennyZ, does pass on good words about the indoor strawberries for sale.  Instead, we found our local food at Costco in Oak Brook.  Yes, we made our first non-local produce purchase in ages, a bag of Florida tangerines, but we also got a twenty pound bag of Wisconsin russet potatoes for $8–I know that $8 will buy me 50 lbs of Wisconsin potatoes at the wholesaler, but I just do not know when I’ll make it there.  Russets are the best potatoes for the upcoming latke season.  In addition, these potatoes are surprisingly large for Wisconsin russets and will make excellent bakers.  We combed through the cheese aisles for local and came away with a big block of Roth Kase Van Gogh.  We’ve been loving, of late, Roth Kase’s Manchego-ish GranQueso, so we were happy to get another Wisconsin Roth Kase cheese.   We could have purchased Michigan red delicious apples but passed.

Before I tell you about the other local food we got this week, from our CSA, let me tell you what got my ire up at Costco.  Costco is, of course, green and not so green.  In general it is better to buy things in bulk, but Costco is also the master of the extra packaging.  One of the things I love about buying local food or getting my CSA box is the lack of extra packaging.  Anyways, that I expect from Costco.  What bugged me, we decided to have a quick bit of pizza to hold us over until Mado goose dinner.  Being Costco pizza and all, it needed some extra pizza-pizzazz, red pepper flakes.  I found the need red pepper flakes in individual packages not in a shaker.  What a waste!

Our fall CSA is season will soon be over.  Perhaps because of that, the box this week was especially full.  And the turnips inside were especially large.  One was really large.  Ever see a turnip the size of a Chicago 16 inch softball?  We also got turnip greens, a lettuce head, red potatoes, apples, and a lot of carrots.

The Local Family fared OK again this week, even if it did get its ire up at Costco.