I Visit My Food

October 30, 2008 at 7:10 am

Rob Gardner

To can, it takes a bunch of work to clean and sterilize, probably some peeling, maybe some long cooking; freezing usually needs some prep, an initial blanch; cold storage needs that, cold and storage.  Except, after the cans are canned and the peas frozen, there’s not much else to do.  Absent some act of God, things should be fine.  Not so with stored food.  As Mad Eye Moody would say, “constant vigilance.”  One must visit their food.

Am I the only guy in town not pleased that the weather’s warmed this week?  I’ve already got big bucks in food sitting around the attic, and that food (and me) won’t be happy with warmth.  We need chill.  So, I stepped in on them yesterday to see how they were doing.  There’s two big plastic bags containing half bushels of apples, a box with another half bushel as well as five or so smaller paper bags of apples.  In a different part of the attic there are several bags of potatoes, both regular and sweet, plus some celery roots and rutabagas.

Everything seemed fine yesterday.  I was most concerned about the roots.  I believe the potatoes and apples are more forgiving of the weather variations.  They all seemed hard, what I want to see.  In my inspection I found one Raritan apple going soft in a spot.  Who knew what bad apples would have resulted from this example.  Good thing I was there.  I snatched.  Cut away the icky stuff and snacked away.  Take that.

I firmly believe that cold storage as a quiver in the locavore arsenal, and I will stand guard to watch and protect this arsenal.