The Last of Accessible and Affordable?

October 13, 2008 at 12:24 pm

Rob Gardner

When we last discussed the topic, we found local food still accessible and affordable.  Another batch of inserts has come and gone in my newly designed Chicago Tribune (sorry Mike, Monica E on the front page does not make up for a dreadful product).  Based on the inserts, accessible/affordable local food cannot be fully dismissed.  Caputo’s did advertise 1/2 bushels of Michigan apples for $15.  That my friends is accessible/affordable local food even if not much else appeared in the inserts. 

I am not denying that there are problems associated with a diet comprised solely of apples.  So, I am not denying that issues related to accessible and affordable local food will manifest themselves, if not in the coming weeks, certainly in the coming months.  I will surely address these issues, with righteous indignation and realistic advice.  Now, though, take advantage of what is still there.

The real moral of today’s story, the moral of this entire tale of accessible and affordable food, that when in season, like the apples cited, local food is not only quite accessible, it is the most affordable option.  Take advantage of local foods for all the right reasons, but also take advantage of local for pocketbook reasons too.


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