2008 Fall/Winter Guide to CSAs (and other local food services)

If you’re wondering whether you can still get local food when the colder Chicago months come, the answer is: “Yes”. However, many off-season options have limited availability, so the time to make plans for the fall and winter is now. Here’s a list of farms and organizations that offer off-season Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscriptions or other services that will help you keep your kitchen stocked with local foods during the leaner months.

-Kenny Zuckerberg

Home Grown Wisconsin

A cooperative of 20+ family farms in Southeastern and South-Central Wisconsin

Length of season/ # of deliveries: One delivery per month in November, December, and January

What you can expect to get: A wide variety of late-season produce including sweet potatoes, winter squash, parsnips, apples, onions, herbs, winter radishes and much more. You may also get wild foraged nuts, raw honey, and fruit butters. According to Home Grown Wisconsin, “the November and December boxes are designed to be family feast boxes to coincide with holidays during those months.” Egg and cheese shares are also available for separate purchase.

Pickup locations: Several pickup locations on Chicago’s north side, plus a location in Northbrook and one in Evanston.

How to sign up or get more information: www.homegrownwisconsin.com/csa.htm or call Katrina Pine at 608-333-1227

Wellhausen Farm

Family farm located in a small Wisconsin dairy town, with a business office in Wheaton, IL.

Length of season/ # of deliveries: You can still join now for the summer/ fall share, which will take you to the end of October. From the time you join, you’ll get one delivery per week.

What you can expect to get: A typical delivery might include apples, tomatoes, butternut squash, acorn squash, pumpkins, basil, lettuce, beets, spinach, swiss chard, and root vegetables.

Pickup locations: Delivery route includes Bloomingdale, Glen Ellyn, Roselle, West Chicago, Wheaton, Naperville, Lombard, and Villa Park at this time. Members also have the option to pick up at the business office in Wheaton.

How to sign up or get more information: www.wellhausengroup.com or e-mail thefarm@wellhausengroup.com

Genesis Growers

20 acres in fertile north-central Illinois using natural methods: no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizer.

Length of season/ # of deliveries: Six weeks starting in November, plus one end-of-season storage box.

What you can expect to get: Seasonal vegetables rounded out with in-season fruits and herbs. Chicken and egg shares are available for separate purchase.

Pickup locations: Several locations in Chicago as well as North, South, and West suburbs.

How to sign up or get more information:www.genesis-growers.com/howtobuy.htm or email info@genesis-growers.com

Erewhon Farm

St. Charles, IL small farm dedicated to growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, and plants in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Length of season/ # of deliveries:Seven weeks, starting in October.

What you can expect to get: winter squash, pie pumpkins, carrots, radishes,
Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, spinach, Swiss chard, lettuce, parsnips,
tatsoi, leeks, rutabaga, beets, spicy mix, and various Asian greens. Also included are two dozen eggs from “Grandma’s Eggs” in Sugar Grove.

Pickup locations: Inglenook Pantry in Geneva, IL.
How to sign up or get more information: Visit their Fall CSA website here.

Cedar Valley Farm

Ottawa, IL farm with animals that are raised in a healthy environment in ways that respect their natures.

Length of season/ # of deliveries:You sign up anytime for 3 month, 6 month, or full year shares. Deliveries are monthly.

What you can expect to get: Various cuts of beef, pork, and chicken, plus two dozen eggs per month.

Pickup locations: Several north side Chicago neighborhoods, plus Naperville, Oak Park, and Oak Lawn.
How to sign up or get more information: www.cedarvalleysustainable.com. Or email cdrvalleyfarm@gmail.com

Growing Power

A community-based urban farm that started in Milwaukee and is now a cooperative including other urban farms in the region.

Length of season/ # of deliverie: This “Market Basket” program works a little differently than a CSA. You place an order by Wednesday for delivery to Chicago on Friday. You can do this any time you like, with no seasonal commitment.

What you can expect to get: Late season produce including greens, root vegetables, and seasonal fruit. In the colder months, not all items will come from the coop’s local farms, and your bag may be supplemented with non-local products from small business wholesalers such as Goodness Greenness.

Pickup locations: There are several businesses and schools with which you can coordinate your delivery, or you can gather enough of a critical mass of buyers to establish your own delivery site.

How to sign up or get more information Call the Chicago Market Basket hotline at 773-347-1374

Irv & Shelly’s Fresh Picks

Year-round home delivery service based on local and organic produce, meat, and dairy.

Length of season/ # of deliveries: You can order online anytime and choose the specific items you want, or opt for a Fresh Picks Box that is automatically delivered to your door weekly or bi-weekly.

What you can expect to get: Choose from a wide variety of local produce, dairy, baked goods, packaged items, meat and poultry.

Pickup locations: Delivery to your home. Irv & Shelly’s can leave your delivery in a cooler that will keep it fresh for up to eight hours.

How to sign up or get more information:http://www.freshpicks.com or email answers@freshpicks.com

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