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Chef Patrick Sheerin

Chef Patrick Sheerin

Working in the kitchens of several of Chicago's finest restaurants during his 14-year professional career, Patrick Sheerin joined The Signature Room at the 95th in 2002, where he worked as a banquet Sous Chef and then as Executive Sous Chef. Chef Patrick was promoted to Executive Chef in December 2006 and he has been creating innovative dishes ever since. Patrick combines his Illinois upbringing, utilizing fresh local farm ingredients, with his traditional culinary training to create dishes that are both savory to the trained palate and still approachable to the everyday diner. A native of Chicago, Sheerin graduated in 1998 from the French Culinary Institute of New York; prior to which he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University. A chronology of his career, beginning 1996, includes banquet chef at the Walnut Hills Country Club in East Lansing, Mich. followed by a series of positions in Chicago through early 2002: Garde Manger at Crofton on Wells; pastry chef at Toque restaurant; Chef Poissonier at the Everest Room; pastry cook at NAHA restaurant and Chef Saucier at The Four Seasons hotel.

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