Do You Live in Skokie or Evanston? Vegetable Box from the Talking Farm Howard Street Now Available

Posted: April 27, 2017 at 4:46 pm

There is local food and then there is hyper-local food, you can’t get more local if you live in Skokie or Evanston, other than growing it in your own garden, than by signing up for a Farm Box membership from The Talking Farm in Skokie.

The vegetables are grown at their Howard Street Farm, 3669 Howard Street right next to the TOT Learning Center. The Talking Farm has initiated a membership program which includes 2 cycles of a weekly vegetable box, Garden1 10 weeks starting May 21 through July 29 and Garden2 10 weeks starting July 30 through October 31. The only catch is that since this is the first year for the vegetable box offering, there are only 10 memberships available for each cycle and they are already half sold out as of this writing of Garden2 memberships. So basically this hyper-local option will not be available much longer so sign-up today!

A listing of the memberships and prices can be found on The Talking Farm’s website. The Talking Farm distributes to many of our favorite restaurants in Evanston, Boltwood, Farmhouse Evanston, Found, The Peckish Pig and Union Pizzeria and will be at the Evanston and Skokie Farmer’s Markets this summer. 

Here are pictures of some of the produce grown at the farm last summer and more details as to what will potentially be in the vegetable box are on The Talking Farm’s website.


Just don’t go local, go hyper-local!!

Celebrate Hyper-Local Food and Earth Day at the Peckish Pig 4/23

Posted: April 15, 2017 at 12:01 pm

The Talking Farm, a 501(c)3,  a local food organization based in Skokie that manages a 6 acre urban farm on Skokie Park District land, The Howard Street Farm and is an incubator for training farmers and spreading knowledge of growing local foods to schools in the Evanston and Skokie areas is holding their annual Spring Thaw at The Peckish Pig on Sunday April 23 from 4-7pm.

Everyone loves the Peckish Pig, their food is delicious, they have a microbrewery in the attached “garage” to the restaurant. The event is a celebration of hyper-local food. The Talking Farm supplies the Peckish Pig, Found, Boltwood, Union Pizzeria and Farmhouse Evanston with hyper-local greens and produce along with food distributor and grocer, Local Foods.

This year at the event the new membership program of the farm will be unveiled which includes a weekly farm box of vegetables. This will be the first time residents can actually get local, local aka hyper-local food grown right in Skokie! The farm will ,also, be introducing their new hats, tee shirts and bags. Lucky attendees have a chance at receiving a Peckish Pig gift card and discounted leaf certificates to the farm’s annual Seedling Sales or a Talking Farm hat, bag or tee shirt. Evanston, local spirit maker, Few Spirits is sponsoring the welcome cocktail “The Spring Thaw”.

You can’t get much more local than The Talking Farm in Skokie. This event looks like a great way to celebrate Earth Day weekend, have delicious food and drink and celebrate local food right in your own backyard! Tickets can be purchased here.