Happy Anniversary Irv and Shelly – Now Go Party This Sunday

April 5, 2016 at 2:22 pm

Open House at Fresh Picks


There’s almost ten years of operation, like thelocalbeet.com, and then there’s ten years of operation like Irv and Shelly’s Freshpicks, who keeps on chugging away, no extended hiatuses.  Birthed when barely anyone used the term locavore and now jammed up in a market with retail specialists, competing delivery services, and hell even that who will come on Sunday, i.e., Amazon.  Our friends Irv and Shelly  battle in a field they helped create.  For ten years, they have been working hard to keep you stocked in local and organic foods.  In celebration of their ten years, they’re having an open house this Sunday, April 10 from 3 to 6 PM.

For a while, people have been realizing that the food we get sucks. It’s produced in ways that harm the environment, disregards the welfare of animals, and exploits workers. And it would be nice if all that degradation produced something that tasted good. Realizing we needed better, renegades started advocating for “local” food, that is food from farmers they could know and trust. They wanted meaning with their food besides wanting it to taste like it was supposed to taste. Taking an idea like local food and putting local food on a table, are, well not always the same things. Irv and Shelly have been taking the proposition that people need to know their food and then (literally) delivering that food to them. All year. No one has been able to say for the last ten years around here, I cannot get the food I want to get. Just go to the web site, even this week, in the barest of seasons for local food, there’s area produce and there’s always meats, eggs, cheeses, and other local products to keep you living the locavore life. It’s been as much an ideal as it’s been a business model, but they are still trucking along <wince!>. We wish them the best of luck.

The open house this Sunday is a great way to thank Irv and Shelly and their whole team for all that they’ve done over the years, finding farmers, mapping routes, etc. Tour their operations. You will also be able to meet some of the farmers who sell to Irv and Shelly. See how its done. Peek behind the curtain. Then, partake celebrate the way that showcases their ideas best, with their inventory cooked up by some of their chef friends; plus there’s local beer and kombucha. Sounds like a great time.

Fresh Picks Open House
April 10th 3 pm to 6 pm
5625 W Howard St
Niles, IL 60714