Illinois Stewardship Alliance bids farewell to Wes King

November 3, 2015 at 10:13 am


After six years of service the Illinois Stewardship Alliance is saying farewell to Wes King. Wes has served as Executive Director for the past three years.  As Executive Director, Wes oversaw a growing organization and, representing the Illinois Stewardship Alliance working with legislators, other governmental representatives and other groups, he was a prime mover behind many legislative and policy changes in the area of local and sustainable agriculture in Illinois. Among his accomplishments include,


  • Helped in the passage of legislation to create scale and risk appropriate rules for farmers markets that are friendlier to small farmers, including the creation of a Farmers Market Food Sampling Certificate program that will allow farmers and food entrepreneurs to provide food samples to the public at farmers markets throughout Illinois.
  • Helped to successfully secure changes that make the rules more scale appropriate and less onerous, and also successfully organized a legislative advocacy effort to stop legislation that would have banned raw milk sales in Illinois.
  • Served as President of the Governor-appointed Illinois Local Food, Farms and Jobs Council
  • Led efforts to support and fund the formation of the Band of Farmers: Chicagoland CSA Marketing Coalition.


Wes King Photo: Illinois Stewardship Alliance

Wes King
Photo: Illinois Stewardship Alliance


Previously serving as Policy Coordinator for the Illinois Stewardship Alliance, Wes was instrumental in working with state legislators in getting legislation passed that is instrumental to Illinois’ local and sustainable agriculture. This includes Senate Bill 840, the Illinois Local Food Entrepreneur and Cottage Food Operation Act, also known as the Cottage Food Bill. The Cottage Food Bill was a step in an ongoing effort to create policies that support the burgeoning local food movement. Wes also led efforts to expand the law in 2015.

In 2013, along with Illinois Environmental Council, he helped in the reform of composting laws that paved the way for the City of Chicago to adopt new ordinances in the spring of 2015 that support composting at urban agriculture and community gardens sites in the City of Chicago.

During his tenure, Wes also served as co-chair of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition’s Marketing, Food Systems and Rural Development Committee. In January 2016, he will be starting a new job with the organization in Washington, D.C. as a Policy Specialist working on Marketing, Food Systems and Rural Development issues. Previous Executive Director, Lindsay Record, will return to the role as Executive Director of the Illinois Stewardship Alliance after Wes departs.