Chicagoland Brewery Updates

September 16, 2015 at 4:10 am

There are a few new updates to our list of the top 148 breweries in Chicagoland. Here they are:

Umgawa Brewing – We’re no longer considering this as a brewery “in planning.” As of 6/9/2015, the trademark application was officially considered “abandoned.”

Lagunitas Brewing – Announced 9/8/2015 Heineken has acquired a 50% interest in the brewery, but Chicagoan Tony Magee has stated that he and the rest of the current management team will remain in charge.

Finch’s Beer Company – Plans for a large new brewery along the Chicago River fell through; still looking for new brewery space

Fraternite of Notre Dame – County Board overwhelmingly rejected the Catholic order’s plans for a brewery, winery, and other operations on their property near Huntley, IL, because it “didn’t fit with the character of the area.”

We’ll try our best to keep the list, here, up to date.