Weekly Harvest of Eat Local Links

September 4, 2015 at 9:58 am

From Me to Nothing to Do with Me or Food



Upcoming Good Food Accelerator event and more from our friends at FamilyFarmed.

More on eat local Richmond, Virginia.

What will the Sugar Beet and other Chicago area co-ops be like in 40 years?

Another way at looking at what’s local.

Might have linked already to this article, this is not the original source; it tries to swat down some anti-locavore arguments, pretty good I’ll say, but it also buys into too many dumb tropes to appear serious undermining its case.

Does Minnesota count as local cheese?

Eat local universities, rah!

Eating local at the other end of our state.

Can foodies succeed where environmentalists failed?

Have I linked to me yet?

The other day we had lunch with a friend who was recently in Italy.  His pics volleyed between food and buildings.  Is is a common shared interest?  We think so.  A few weeks ago, we linked to a piece on Chicago housing styles.  Here’s another one, a bit more grounded in its orientation.