Weekly Harvest of Eat Local Links

August 30, 2015 at 9:19 am

Where Else May You go to Eat Local & Other Things to Know

Which is more shark-jumpy for local foods, this article about Wal-Mart and local food or the fact that the article is in Fortune?

Let’s get rid of the silver tray and embrace the dirt; is farm to table just a trend?

Eat local goat cheese.

Should we eat less local salads?

When did something become a local food?

No one eats more local than Vancouver (area).

Eat local Iowa.

Is Martha Vineyards a local foods paradise?

Not purely an eat local trend, but most of these food halls are locavore focused.

Eat local Ipswich (UK).

Eat local   Richmond, Virginia

Eat local Charlotte, North Carolina