What’s in Season Now – Preserving the Seasonal Bounty – Learn How Aug 29 with Angelic Organics Learning Center

August 26, 2015 at 9:04 am

How Do You Eat Local Year Round

food preserving

The Local Beet advocates eating local, and we say all the time, the reasons we advocate for eating local do not end when the farmer’s markets pack up.  How do we (and you!) do it.  We put away the seasonal bounty!  Over the years, we’ve put away on the site many articles and references about canning, preserving, root cellaring and such.   This is the time to focus on putting away, and we will be re-posting several of our pieces in the coming weeks–just today, we re-posted this piece on canning tomatoes from long time Friend of the Beet, Damien Casten.  We also would love to hear from you about your efforts.   As much as we feel we can guide you, we know there is only so much you can read.  You have to do, and it helps to have a good teacher.  We have one for you.

Food Preserving 101

This Saturday, August 29, the Angelic Organics Learning Center will be offering a hands-on class on food preservation.  The class will cover freezing, dehydrating, and canning, using tomatoes as an example.  Attendees will bring home a jar of canned organic tomatoes.  The class is from 1 PM to 4 PM at their center in Caledonia, Illinois.  The cost of the class is $45.

1547 Rockton Rd
Caledonia, IL 61011
United States

Additional information and registration here.