The Little Over a Weekly Harvest of Eat Local Links

August 19, 2015 at 4:21 pm

They Use the Real Food Calculator in Maine and Other Things to Check Out


Eat stinky local cheese from former Beet Reporter Eric May.

Some very refreshing words to the various cheap shots our movement endures (the price of appearing too holy for sure).

Will you see any of these stories in the Local Beet (well maybe Chefs have tattoos!!)

Speaking of chefs with tattoos, Beet sponsor and incredible locavore, Iliana Regan has this to say about kitchen culture, “I create pressure by emphasizing to the staff that only a fool would dine at Elizabeth and only give me the credit.” ┬áThe whole thing is a reat read.

Men grill their beets.

Critical need for friend of Beet Janet Fuller and us.

Eat local from the Sugar Beet and other coops.

Eat local Colorado.

Eat local Maine (University thereof, and if you do crosswords, you know wherein thereof)

Eat the local “Chestnut Provisions” tasting.

Myth or reality.

Low carb or low fat.

Not good news.