Menu Monday has Pepper Possiblitities

August 17, 2015 at 3:20 pm

Can and Can’t This Time of Year


pepper possibilities

On this Menu Monday, I am very much thinking about how I will cook some peppers this week. I am also, though, thinking about the peppers I will not be cooking this week. Remember all those cool days of June and July. Remember when the August heat did hit and it was like, where’s summer been. The good news, our electric bills are down. The bad news, all those cool, rainy days delayed greatly, the arrival of ripe peppers. Peppers come to the market in two colors: green and everything else. Leaving aside certain “chocolate” peppers and pale “gypsy” peppers, the color in peppers indicates ripening and sweetness; for many like my beloved Cook Book addict, peppers are at their most enjoyable when colored not green. In fact, in this Local Family at least, we are forbidden from making too many dishes without not green peppers. It means the pepperonata, the peppers grilled or baked as parts of assortments, these are off the menu this Monday. Our stock barely includes enough, not green, peppers to makes these dishes worth the effort. Instead, the not green peppers are reserved for salads and similar use.

You cannot pretty much tell from that picture above, but I have three kinds of peppers in the Bungalow. First is a few of the aforementioned ripe ones, for salad. Then, there are a bunch of jalapenos I got the other day and some serranos I had not finished from the week before. They will go anywhere and everywhere. For instance, I made a tuna-bean salad this am, and I included about a half a jalapeno in it. Finally, the bulk of the long peppers are various “banana” or “wax” or “hungarian”–to be non-technical. They will be roasted on an open flame, peeled taking up way more time than I expect, and marinated with olive oil, a dash of red wine vinegar and tons of garlic.

It’ll look like that but with more color.

I talked about prepping the CSA box the other day. Now that it’s Menu Monday, let’s discuss what to do with what’s been prepped.

Eat it.

It’s a great box this week from Tomato Mountain*, but not a box that lends itself well to menu musings. There’s salad, salad, and salad on the menu, plus probably some salsa verde if I get around to it. The onions, shallots and garlic go for menus any week not just this week. Besides supplementing this stuff with peppers, I picked up a few more eggplants, some green beans and some zukes. I’m thinking eggplant salad with tahini, a/k/a baba ganoush; maybe some eggplant and zukes grilled, and probably a Greek style baked veg, a/k/a briami. It is also the time of year to make a good salade Nicoise, and I plan on boiling some green beans just for that.

What’s on your menu this week?

*Cook Book Addict works for Tomato Mountain