We Harvest Jeannie and More in this Week’s Summer Bounty of Links

August 7, 2015 at 8:21 am

The Weekly Harvest



Big Media Oak Park hits the Sugar Beet Coop.

Ag-gag laws make us gag, and now a Federal Court says so too.

5 ways farmer’s markets have evolved.

All hail the Queen (and great friend of Beet).

You can not run from politics when it comes to your plate.

Eat local Israel.

Eat local West Side.

Eat local New Hampshire.

Eat local Bristol (U.K.)–really gorgeous blog!

Jeannie’s not just for us.

This headline hardly fits the story, but it does not surprise us, how quickly some want to swat down a movement they see as too holy.

Nice to see our friends at FamilyFarmed on this list

When you cannot drink the local water.