Neat Things in Boston; David Hammond, Visionary; Good Work Stewarts, and More – Weekly Harvest of Eat Local Links

July 31, 2015 at 8:54 am

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Eat local Boston.  ”The new public market opening this summer in Boston will never sell a banana or an avocado. In the winter and spring, when there are fewer vegetables in the fields, there will be fewer vegetables in the market’s stalls. And if local fishermen can’t catch it, it won’t be on offer.”

And more eat local Boston!

Drink local milk (our friends and Sponsor Vera already does).

Eat new local cheese.

Get local meat in Oak Park.

As our friends at AUA said on Twitter, nice work Stewards (expanded cottage food bill passed).

Other good news on the legal front.

Not local food, and an odd mix too (no bungalows?), but our kinda stuff.

David Hammond, visionary.

And more with visions–eat local rooftops.