On Menu Monday It’s Apple Season

July 20, 2015 at 4:13 pm

Eat Summer Apples



This week’s Menu Monday is more about fruit again than it is grand ideas for beets. See, the beets are still not dressed. The beets, they’re piling up with the kohlrabi, the cabbage, the hakuri turnips, and the garlic scapes; the bounty of summer that’s fine hanging out a few weeks in the spare fridge. We’ve been getting it and getting it good, and it seems like we also find ourselves away from the Bungalow more than we need to support out local food habit. So, when we do eat, it tends to be of things best eaten soon: the outstanding and interesting mix of greens Tomato Mountain puts in their CSA box and calls mesclun; equally outstanding cucumbers grown by Tomato Mountain, and a bunch of tomatoes that I have been getting not from Tomato Mountain. And beet greens. The beets may rest until later, but the greens demand instant attention. Like last week, I put up a bath of Tamar water and at least made beet greens. Beet greens cannot wait.

Do you know what else cannot wait. My apples. Apples, you mean like certain apples from 2014 that you still may find for sale? Under good storage conditions, apples can last a very, very long time. There are certain apples that, some claim, are better with cellaring, like, oh a Barola. Then, there are certain apples that don’t age. Certain apples that need to be eaten within a week of harvest. The beet greens of apples, summer varieties like Lodi and transparents, varieties you need to get to a farmer’s market to find. Because these apples go soft so fast, they are commonly used to make applesauce, and summer apples are often known collectively as “sauce” apples. Summer apples also make great sauce because they are wonderfully flavorful, tart yet with plenty of apple-ness to them. The wonderful flavor means don’t just waste put them to sauce. Eat them outta hand. You may think, I’ll be knee deep in local apples soon enough. You know that for a long period, there will be no other local fruit besides apples. Why eat apples now. Try these. You’ll see. Don’t wait.

To be honest, the joy of Menu Monday’s dissipated a bit from the pressure to deal with all our produce. Putting away the seasonal bounty would be an excellent idea, but we already have a lot put away. Moreover, our four-season Tomato Mountain CSA covers us pretty well in the winter, meaning we don’t need that much extra put away. We might have our own farm dinner soon. Until then, we’re gonna make sure we eat all the apples.