A Lot of Fruit and Beet Greens Cooked

July 13, 2015 at 8:35 am

Beets Still Not Dressed


When we last checked in on Menu Monday, my beetly update was that the beets were not dressed. It was a week hence that I had received the directive, don’t dress the beets, that is roast some of our supply of local beets but leave the saucing to her.  I still have beets to roast and not dress.  The beet greens, the one thing I have done since marketing/receiving our  CSA box, is boil off some beet greens.  I have kept up with the beet greens as they don’t last long in the fridge.  I felt it important to have vegetables for the Condiment Queen to pack for lunch on Monday.  Otherwise, there is a lot of food not prepared.

And a lot of it is fruit.  My wife has the good luck when selling Tomato Mountain ware at the Oak Park Farmer’s Market, to be next to the Michigan fruit farmers, Becky and Jimmy Hardin.  It is this Local Family’s opinion that Beckey and Jimmy offer up the best fruit in the Oak Park market.  Being next to them, my wife always has the chance to be set up by them with a weekly fruit allotment.  Lately, that’s been a lot of fruit.  See for yourself what we took home, including some of the first of the season plums.  We have nothing specifically in mind for all this fruit.  We just know we’ll be eating a lot of fruit this week.

What else we came home with on Saturday were beets, herbs, lots of basil, tomatoes, cukes, summer onions, and more peppers.  Earlier in the week, the Tomato Mountain CSA box included mesclun mix, zucchini, kale, scallions and broccoli.  The Cook Book Addict has some recipe where she’s gonna make pesto with sunflower seeds and the basil.  I’m anxious to make a couple of Greek style dishes with this produce because in doing some recent cook book reading of my own, I found a big leak in my vegetable cookery.  See, I’ve been doing a lot of mixed baked vegetables, riffs on the Greek dish, briami, and I was not getting the right texture, that oily, lush texture I’ve had in places like Boston Seafood.  It turns out I’ve not been adding enough water to my pan of vegetables.  My other inspiration for the week came from a visit to Fresh Farms Grocery in Niles.  They’ve recently added a section of prepared foods.  In that case the other day was some cauliflower well stewed in olive oil.  Call me crazy, but there was something about that greasy mess of veg, all soft looking, that called out to me.  With no cauliflower, but plenty of its cousin, broccoli, around, I’m gonna try to duplicate, kinda what I saw.

That’s where I stand on Menu Monday.  Fruit and a few ideas to cook Greek style vegetables.  What are you thinking of doing with your market buys or CSA contents?