It Can Grow in Chicago and It Can Use Your Support

July 10, 2015 at 9:52 am

Advocates for Urban Agriculture Benefit on July 23

AUA_Grown in Chicago

As a lot of you know, when it comes to local food, there’s local food and then there’s really local food. Food grown in or very near to the City of Chicago. City farms, indoor operations, composting facilities, learning opportunities, the Advocates for Urban Agriculture (AUA) is an umbrella group for those looking to put food from right here right here. The AUA’s programs and working groups carry multiple missions. Foremost, they are about making good food available to all Chicagoans. Then, they are about using the resources and spaces around here to their best potential. They’ve been working hard for several years now, and now they want a little help from you.

On July 23, friends of urban agriculture and lovers of local food will be gathering at Big Delicious Planet Canteen and Urban Farm for dinner, a market showcasing the best in hyper-local food, and the always enjoyable local libations. Mingle with your fellow locavores and support an excellent organization. Additional information and tickets can be obtained here.