This Week’s Crop of Eat Local Links is Due for Harvest

May 6, 2015 at 8:34 am

Eat what is local.

Look at the great things our sponsor, Elizabeth, does.

Don’t you want to try a real Colby cheese?

Kinda of an inane idea.  What city would be the number one city for food and drink in Illinois?  Still, the lists leads to many good finds, regional treats and various places we think you need to visit.

What goes well with farmer’s markets?  Kids.

The good food movement is so damn confusing.

How many of you were amazed that Panera used 150 artificial ingredients, that knew that 150 artificial ingredients existed–of course, it is noted, that Panera has not dropped ALL artificial ingredients, so 150 is less than you think.

Look to the Motor City for inspiration.