We Get Some Pretty Cool Sponsors – Welcome Aboard Elizabeth Restaurant

April 27, 2015 at 11:41 am

Exploratory Cuisine


We cannot say that every cool restaurant in the Chicago area is a Local Beet sponsor, but we can easily say that all our sponsors are extraordinarily cool restaurants. We became enamored with Vie and Paul Virant when we learned of his pantry of put-away products. Chef Mendez engaged us at Carnivale and showed off his eat local bona fides long before he and his wife opened Vera. When we cemented a Beet sponsorship deal for Vera with pour-over coffee, he mentioned how he tried to keep local food on his menu year round, “people always like beets.” This is the kind of crowd that Iliana Regan and Elizabeth fit. With pride, we welcome this totally cool place into our sponsor roster.

What’s cooler than a place that serves not just deer heart but Indiana deer heart? How about a Game of Throne’s themed season–try that Next? Yes, Elizabeth has gone beyond the Wall to bring a menu of game, guts and off-cuts, something Tyrion would relish without needing so many jugs of wine. So, now your heart is raw; your sweetbreads in a medieval sweet and sour, and your rabbit of the vale stuffed into pasta. Comfort food? Elizabeth is not cool for letting you be. Rather, Elizabeth is cool because it is so comfortable being itself. It was recently honored on LTHForum as a “Great Neighborhood Restaurant” (sitting alongside Red Hot Ranch and Kogi Korean BBQ gives you another sense of where this place stands*). One of the most esteemed posters on LTH, Ron “Ronnie Suburban” Kaplan, summed its character:

What happens on the plates (and stones and inside the test tubes and atop the patches of grass, etc.) at Elizabeth makes it one of the most distinctive places – if not the most distinctive place — in Chicagoland. The stories behind the food are important and clearly reflect Chef Regan’s personal journey and philosophy. They are not just random gimmicks but vignettes; almost like pages from her diary communicated in culinary form. She cares immensely about what she’s doing and she puts herself out there in a way that many other chefs would never even think to

Needless to say, like Virant at Vie and Mendez at Vera, Chef Regan relies on the full range of local ingredients to craft a menu that is tied to place no matter how or where it roams. Like our other sponsors, Elizabeth makes use of four seasons worth of food, preserving, storing, and foraging to ensure adherence to their mission. We want you to continue to fully support Vie and Vera. Those places can qualify as treats, special occasion spots, but they can also both serve as regular dining. The brunch tortilla at Vera or Vie’s burger could be a weekly option. Would you want to eat at Elizabeth weekly? The intensity and innovation may be lost if you poke and peek too often. On the other hand, the menu changes seasonally, and you need to see how she approaches things each time. It won’t be the same. We have quite some sponsors, eh?

*Pure coincidence, but all three of our restaurant sponsors are LTHForum GNR’s or Great Neighborhood Restaurants.