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March 24, 2015 at 3:15 pm

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Photo by Jeannie Boutelle

Photo by Jeannie Boutelle

Over the past several days we’ve had the chance to meet many; some long time readers, quite a few who thought we were a co-op opening soon in Oak Park. We trust that both old friends and new have put their eyes on the site in recent days and recent weeks. We just published our most popular feature, the CSA Guide–and we put up this post with additional materials on the joys of CSA-ship. In recent days, we’ve re-posted a few more classics, Michael Morowitz’s Why Eat Local and Rob Gardner’s 18 Point Guide to Living the Local Life. Stick around.  Every week, we put up a post highlighting what’s in season and where to find it, the last Local Calendar was this post. We also post weekly, our “harvest” of eat local links, various things we’re finding around the Internet that you may also enjoy reading. The Local Family is an ongoing story of one surban family’s quest to eat as much of their food from local sources as possible. All sorts of items get put up covering the locavore life.  For instance, how about this little primer on onion growing.  We even have a Beet Reporter now in Spain. We know we’re not great on tags or laying out what’s been posted in the past, but we promise you there’s a long and robust backlog of useful, sometimes entertaining, posts. Poke around. Our search engine actually works very well. Welcome to the Local Beet.

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