This Is Not All That Came In My Tomato Mountain CSA Box This Week

January 29, 2015 at 3:01 pm

Did You Get a CSA Box?

CSA - 150129

A long time back, the Local Beet had a contributor who took amazing pictures of his weekly CSA. I’m sure he’s cringing as he sees this week’s CSA picture. Still, did his CSA box come in January? Did your CSA box come in January? Don’t you want to see what can come in a CSA box. In January. In Chicago(land). Here’s the thing, this is not even all that came in our Tomato Mountain CSA this week at the end of January.

“Why did you not put away the frozen raspberries.”

A lot came in our January Tomato Mountain CSA box, as we get a large box fit for a family of four.  We got three quart jars of whole roasted tomatoes, a bag with about 30 carrots, another bag with about 20 beets (local beet, hahah), and a final bag of about 20 red potatoes, which my wife calls the best tasting ever, finding their taste somewhat like artichoke hearts. I could not figure out how to put all that in a picture, so I did this composed thing. You see the parts of the box not all of the box. Except I forgot some stuff.

On the top of the box were three silver packets. I assumed they were ice packs to keep our box tidy until we took it in from delivery.*  I just put them aside, thinking they go back to Tomato Mountain along with our wax box.  It turned the Tomato Mountain CSA delivery included a supply of organic raspberries flash-frozen in season and presented to us for our smoothie making pleasure. They have now been secured back in the cold. I’m not sure, in or out of the ice pack, it would have added to the picture composition. Take my word.

Yes, we do not have four seasons of growing in the Midwest. It does not mean we cannot have four seasons of CSA deliveries. It takes foresight by a farm. Putting away fruit and vegetables for us. Growing more than enough beets and carrots and potatoes to outlast the market season. The process is not demanding, just necessary. Eat local now with a four-season CSA.

*As the Condiment Queen was doing the deliveries, our box remained within the confines of her van until she got home.