Did You Get a CSA Box Last Week – A Tomato Mountain 12 Month-er Will Serve Your Locavore Needs

January 20, 2015 at 4:35 pm

Eat Local Now

The other day, my daughter and I ate poorly for lunch–not of local food by a longshot. I said to her, “what do I always say.” She responded, I don’t know Dad, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Kids. She knew it was another of my favorite life-lesson cliches, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to get your prince,” which means in our chowhound family, Dad’s dragging us to try another weird new restaurant. I love the validity, the usefulness of a good phrase no matter how trite or well-worn. And one I like saying around these pages a lot is, “the reasons to eat local don’t go away just because it’s winter” (or just because it got cold, etc.). We are a Local Family because there is meaning in eating this way. This contrasts to eating local because it happens to be there. But there is winter. It has not stopped us in ten years. It helps, greatly, that we belong to a yearly CSA (for community supported agriculture) from Tomato Mountain, a sponsor of the Local Beet (and employer of the Condiment Queen).

One does not starve in the winter because they can eat stored and put-away foods. In addition, in the harsh conditions of Wisconsin, green, sweet, frost-kissed, spinach grows under protective hoop-house cover. A farm that kept surplus stocks of carrots, potatoes, turnips and other vegetables; turned some of their tomato harvest into whole roasted jarred product; processed other of their crops into jams, salsas, soups and juices; even froze bags of squash puree, well they could keep you supplied with local food all winter. That’s not counting the bags and bags of spinach that make winter Popeye’s favorite season. The winter CSA box, which comes every-other week, provides a solid base for your eat local needs.

Having a CSA subscription always enhances the locavore lifestyle. It supplies you will a variety of produce. There are recipes and a community to learn how to deal with that variety–kohlrabi anyone? You meet your farmer, understanding the process. There is value in knowing where you food comes from. Many CSAs can get you local food before and after area farmer’s markets operate. The four season Tomato Mountain CSA gets you local food either way before your market opens for the season or way after your market closes for the season, depending on how you want to see it.

Most of us do not live on a farm nor have access to a large root cellar. Do you have the skill or time to put-away? For city dwellers especially, you may not have the space for an extra freezer or for a lot of canned goods. Relying of a CSA provider like Tomato Mountain, you have someone capable and experienced in preserving. They have been doing things to their tomatoes for many, many years. Moreover, you get someone with (probably) better storage facilities. Would not you want them to hold the carrots for the winter? Then, they bring it to your door. No hunting down an irregularly held winter market. No getting out only to find the few bags of greens for sale already went. There will be enough for you if you order it. We highly recommend you sign up for a year-round CSA from Local Beet sponsor, Tomato Mountain Organic Farm.

As long time users of the Tomato Mountain CSA, including the winter version, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

tomato mountain in winter